Coloursoul is a member of Kazuo Inamori, our team members attend the Kazuo Inamori activities and trainings evey month.

Fulfilling with Kazuo Inamori Philosophy in our life, our work is a grate honor and happiness.

  1. Hearts in Harmony with the Will of the Universe
  2. Choose a Loving, Sincere and Harmonious Heart as Our Basis
  3. Draw a Vision with a Pure Mind
  4. Have an Open Mind
  5. Always Be Humble
  6. Be Thankful
  7. Always Remain Cheerful

Coloursoul leads and boss always practice with gratitude to everyone and to the society. Our boss organize donation activities every season, at new years and other traditional festivals. All donations goes for the elders from local old people’s home, and for special students from local disabled schools.