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  • Over 25 Years Experience, Choose Coloursoul, Choose Worry-free

  • Digital Management, Fast & Stable Vulcanization

  • Digital Management, Chromatic

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Our Category

The cases and projects we served has been pervaded to all industries of organic silicone: medical, automotive, consumer electronics, electric power, infants and home & kitchen etc.

  • Full Experiments

    Full experiments carried out for any slight adjustment or modification

  • Careful Observation

    Handle every experiement with 100% patinence and circumspection

  • QUV Aging Test

    Understand client in all aspects, present the products with solid datas

  • Mechanics Curve

    Solid experiements data and curve, to improve clients’ efficiency

  • Viscosity Test

    Enough experiments, to support and link with commom value

  • Tensile Test

    Evaluate the impacts of silicone auxiliary materials on silicone rubber, to provide with worry-free solutions

  • Experiment Details

    Ensure all data source from each precise test

  • Data Management

    Scientific verification, judge with data in stead of conjecture

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