• Research & Development

Ever since the establishment of Coloursoul, we understand customers’ concerns, and spent major capital and manpower on R & D, to catch up with most advanced technology and superior quality.

The core of coloursoul guarantees product quality

R & D is the core department of Coloursoul, and data management is the core of the core, is like showing the soul with solid data and information, make all abstracts more clear and easy understanding, to let every customer understand the inner quality of the products.

R&D team and equipment

Our R & D team is equipped with 12 professional engineers, 5 sets of top brand colorimeters, 5 sets of standard light boxes, 1 set of all-purpose tensile machine, 2 sets of vulkameters, 3 sets of lab ovens, 1 set of UV aging machine, 2 sets of wearing test machines, 1 set of densimeter, 2 sets of viscometers, 8 sets of high precision electronic balances and 1 set of Light reflection analyzer. Displaying all information with data, in stead of subjective assume.

R&D achievements

In the past 17 years, our R&D has made achievements,Choose Coloursoul, Choose Worry-free.

R&D achievements1

Successfully improved 2 grades of the fastness for fluorescent colors.

As 10 years ago, all fluorescent colors had very weak UV aging resistance, but most products prefer gorgeous and bright colors. To work out this contradictory issue, Coloursoul started endless tests and analyzes, and success achieved after 478 days and 326 experiments.

R&D achievements2

Successfully developed colors comply with VW-1 grade.

Heat resistant 200℃ for continuous 3000 hours, UL-94 V0 flame retardant grade, and color difference less than 1. There are so many similar cases we have worked out, every time when our customers give us their high and strict requests, our engineers never step back or deny the possibilities, but only spend more time on the development and experiments, trying our best to make the request become true.

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